Atlas HO 8-1-2 Passenger Cars

In 1927, the Pullman Company introduced its Plan 3979 sleeper. This design featured 8 sections, 1 drawing room, and 2 compartments in an attempt to balance the economy of sectional berths with an increased desire by travelers for more privacy options. The compartments, which included their own sink and toilet, provided enclosed travel for two, while the drawing room added sofa accommodation and floor space for an additional passenger. The arrangement of the rooms in the car also enabled the creation of suites for families or larger parties through connecting doors. The design proved very successful, with 250 cars being produced between 1927 and 1930. These 8-1-2 sleepers were found across the country in both pool service and dedicated assignments to many colorful name trains from the 30s through the early 60s, with several ending their careers in MOW service.


  • Full interior detailing
  • Scale operating diaphragms
  • Ice or Pullman Mechanical AC as appropriate
  • Full, separately-applied underbody detail (brake piping,
    steam traps, brake rigging, etc.)
  • Scale window glass
  • Detailed prototypical trucks with free-rolling metal wheels
  • Recommend 24” Radius Minimum
  • AccuMate® couplers

AccuMate® couplers are made under license from AccuRail, Inc.

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Item# Road Name
October 2019
MSRP: $79.95
HO 8-1-2 Passenger Car
20 005 978 Undecorated
20 005 979 Pullman (assigned IC) "Centford" (Brown/Orange/Yellow)
20 005 980 Pullman (assigned IC) "John McLoughlin" (Brown/Orange/Yellow)
20 005 981 Pullman (T&P Eagle) "Centway" (Blue/Gray)
20 005 982 Pullman (T&P Eagle) "George W. Holdrege" (Blue/Gray)
20 005 983 Pullman (assigned NYC) "Centdoya" (Light Gray/Dark Gray)
20 005 984 Pullman (assigned NYC) "Onaluska Pass" (Light Gray/Dark Gray)
20 005 985 Pennsylvania "Centhill" (Tuscan Red/Black)
20 005 986 Pennsylvania "Centfaun" (Tuscan Red/Black)
20 005 987 Southern Pacific "Centgarde" (Olive Green/Black)
20 005 988 Southern Pacific "De Young" (Olive Green/Black)
20 005 989 Canadian Pacific "Explorer" (Maroon/Black)
20 005 990 Canadian Pacific "Mountaineer" (Maroon/Black)
20 005 991 CP Rail "Trapper (as MOW)" (Red/Black)       
20 005 992 Pullman (assigned UP) "Centavon" (Yellow/Red/Black)