Atlas O Trainman® DASH 8-40CW Locomotive


The 4,000hp Dash 8-40CW was produced by General Electric between 1989 and 1993 as a follow-up to the successful Dash 8-40C locomotive. The most distinguishing feature of this model was the introduction of GE’s version of the wide-nose “North American Safety Cab.” This style of cab would become a common sight on railroads across the country. Four major railroads purchased the Dash 8-40CW in fairly large quantities, including Conrail, CSX, Santa Fe and Union Pacific. Most of these units are still in regular mainline and heavy-haul freight service today. Due to various mergers, they can also be seen operating for new owners Norfolk Southern and BNSF.


  • Scale dimensions
  • Directional LED lighting
  • Santa Fe & BNSF locos feature a "Gull-Wing" cab
  • 3-Rail Conventional locos have horn and bell sounds
  • 2-Rail locomotives have fixed pilots, scale wheel sets and scale couplers
  • Separately-applied wire grab irons and handrail stanchions
  • Prototypical painting and lettering
  • Length: 17.5" without couplers, 18" over couplers
  • Weight: 5 lbs.
  • Minimum diameter curve: O-36 (3-Rail)
  • Minimum radius curve: 36" (2-Rail)
  • New truck design with single point lubrication for longer life with no disassembly required

TMCC Features:

  • Electric Railroad Co. “Cruise Commander” Technology
  • IMPROVED RailSounds™ digital sound system
  • LEGACY COMPATIBLE (100 Speed Steps)
  • Operating diesel exhaust unit
  • Electro-couplers
  • Lionel® TrainMaster Command Control
  • Exclusive oscillating ditch lights when horn is activated

3-Rail Conventional Features:

  • Operating Horn and Bell Sounds
  • Exclusive oscillating ditch lights when horn is activated

2-Rail DC/DCC-Ready Features:

  • Easily accepts DCC decoder

2-Rail Gold Features:

  • Oscillating Ditch Lights

QSI® Quantum System™ Features (2-Rail Gold Locomotives Only):

  • NEW QSI® Titan Sound Technology
  • 2nd Generation, proprietary sound processor for an increase in sound quality and variety
  • Ability to cut, paste and upgrade to new sounds with the Quantum
    Programmer (sold separately)
  • Horn/Bell sounds and multiple prime movers are all CV programmable
  • 64 simultaneous sound channels

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3-Rail TMCC Item# Road Name 3-Rail Item# 2-Rail DC Item# 2-Rail Gold Item#
February 2014
3-Rail TMCC MSRP: $429.95 3-Rail MSRP: $269.95
2-Rail DC MSRP:
$269.95 2-Rail Gold MSRP: $429.95
Atlas O Trainman® DASH 8-40CW Locomotive
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20032003 CSX* 7818 20022003 20042003 20052003
20032004 CSX* 7834 20022004 20042004 20052004
20032005 Santa Fe 804 20022005 20042005 20052005
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