Atlas O 40' Wagon Top Box Car

In the 1930s, the B&O was looking to add a fleet of box cars to their roster. Instead of turning to the well-known manufacturers at the time, they went with an in-house design. The Wagon Top box car was born and between 1934 all the way up to 1960, nearly 5000 similar examples were built by the B&O. The most notable feature of this car is the unique slopped down roof section, which was designed to not allow rain water to seep into the interior of the car. The Atlas Wagon Top Box Car captures all of these unique features, with superb printing, separate grab irons, and durable body.



  • Atlas O release from the recently-acquired Weaver tooling.
  • L: 10.5" W: 2.5" H: 4"
  • Die-cast trucks and couplers
  • Prototypically correct door styles per paint scheme
  • Minimum Radius: 0-31 (3-Rail), 36” Radius (2-Rail)

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3-Rail Item# Road Name 2-Rail Item#
November 2016

3-Rail MSRP: $72.95 2-Rail MSRP: $77.95

New Model!
3007900 Undecorated 3008900
3007901 Pennsylvania (Shadow Keystone) 3008901
3007902 Baltimore & Ohio* (Brown/White) 3008902
3007903 Baltimore & Ohio* (Red/White) 3008903
3007904 Baltimore & Ohio* (Blue/Yellow) 3008904