Atlas O Trainman® 20' Containers

The development of shipping containers reached a turning point in the late 1970s when standardization began to take place. Prior to this time numerous designs and sizes of containers were seen throughout the world. The true intermodal era began in the 1980s with the expanding world economy, Panama Canal ship size restrictions, intermodal railway car (wagon) designs and the setting of ISO standards for international shipping containers.

Steel became the norm and the standard-height (8’ 6”) 20-foot containers eventually became standard worldwide.

In addition to ISO size standardization, assembly-line manufacturing standardization brought the steel container from various aluminum and steel designs to a more similar design. In the late 1970s squared corrugations with double logo panels were the common new-builds.



  • Scale length, width and height
  • Prototypical paint schemes & lettering
  • Non-opening doors
  • 20’ based on corrugated design with logo panels
  • Accurate painting and lettering for steel 20-foot containers
  • Two containers will fit end-to-end in the Atlas O Gunderson Twin Stack cars.

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Item# Road Name
October 2017
2-pack MSRP: $26.95
Atlas O Trainman® 20' Containers
2000000 Undecorated
2000007 American President Lines
2000008 Cosco
2000009 Hapag-Lloyd
2000010 FESCO
2000011 Mediterranean Shipping Co.
2000012 OOCL
2nd Run - August 2016
Atlas O Trainman® 20' Containers
2000001 Evergreen
2000002 Hanjin
2000003 K-Line
2000004 MOL (Grey Box w/Gator)
1st Run - February 2016
2000005 NYK (Blue Box w/offset NYK)
2000006 Triton