Atlas O Trainman® 40' Stock Car

During the heyday of rail transport, livestock was routinely shipped in complete trainloads to packing plants throughout the country. The typical stock car was based upon a 40’ box car modified with open slat sides and possibly internal decking for the smaller breeds of animals. Designed primarily for transporting cows and pigs, original stock cars date back to the 1860’s, and could carry up to 20,000 pounds of livestock.

Their use became rare by the 1980’s, due to humane, safety and cost concerns. This ATLAS O TRAINMAN® model is a typical reproduction of a once-common freight car style. Resplendent with eye-popping details and engineered for reliability and historical accuracy, the ATLAS O TRAINMAN® 40’ Stock Car is a must-have addition to any O Scale layout!



  • Separately applied roof walks, ladder, brake wheel & brake lines
  • Accurate painting & lettering
  • See-through roof walks
  • Metal couplers and sprung die-cast trucks
  • True scale dimensions with accurate details
  • Weighted, detailed underframes
  • 2-rail cars feature scale wheels and body mounted scale couplers
  • 3-rail trucks pre-drilled for Adjust-A-Coupler™ System (sold separately)

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3-Rail Item# Road Name 2-Rail Item#
April 2023
3-RAIL MSRP: $69.95 2-RAIL MSRP: $72.95
Atlas O Trainman® 40' Stock Car - New Paint Schemes!
2002412 Canadian Pacific (CP Rail) (Red/Grey/White) 2002462
2002413 Ferrocarril Del Pacifico (FCP) (Green/Yellow/Orange) 2002463
2002414 Union Pacific (UP) Livestock Dispatch (Yellow/Red/Silver) 2002464
2002417 Chicago, Burlington and Quincy (CBQ) (Green/White) 2002467
New Road Numbers!
2002415 Santa Fe (ATSF) (Brown/White) 2002465
2002416 Rio Grande (DRGW) (Black/White) 2002466
JUne 2018
3-RAIL MSRP: $66.95 2-RAIL MSRP: $69.95
Atlas O Trainman® 40' Stock Car - New Paint Schemes!
2002404 Chicago and North Western (CNW) (Green/Yellow) 2002454
2002405 Missouri-Kansas-Texas (MKT) (Yellow/Brown/Black) 2002455
2002406 Chigago, Burlington and Quincy (CBQ) (Red/Black/White) 2002456
2002408 Canadian Pacific (CP) (Brown/White) 2002458
New Road Numbers!
2002409 Great Northern (GN) (Red/White)  2002459
2002411 Union Pacific (UP) (Brown/Yellow/Silver) 2002461
April 2014
3-RAIL MSRP: $56.95 2-RAIL MSRP: $59.95
Atlas O Trainman® 40' Stock Car - New Paint Schemes!
2002400 Great Northern (Big Sky Blue) 2002450
2002401 Southern Pacific 2002451
2002402 Texas & Pacific 2002452
2002403 Union Pacific (OSL) 2002453
2nd Run - November 2005
Atlas O Trainman® 40' Stock Car - New Paint Schemes!
0606 Chesapeake & Ohio* 0656
0607 CP Rail 0657
0608 Santa Fe 0658
0609 Union Pacific 0659
1st Run- April 2005
Atlas O Trainman® 40' Stock Car - Now Available!
0601 Great Northern 0651
0602 M-K-T 0652
0603 Rio Grande 0653
0604 Union Pacific 0654
Two Road Numbers are available per Road Name.
*CSX Licensed Product
Products bearing The Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad Company (D&RGW); Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad Company (MKT); Southern Pacific (SP); Texas & Pacific (T&P) and Union Pacific (UP) marks are made under trademark license from Union Pacific Railroad Company.