Atlas O Hillside Structure Series

Crossing Gate Features:

Designed for easy operation and perfect for any era. Fully assembled with black and white or red and white arm equipped with a red LED, realistic counterweight and base. Just press the switch (included) to lower or raise the gate and activate the red warning signal. 

  • Fully operating , with red warning light on gate
  • Can be operated with manual switch (included) or with any other automatic trackside activator (not included)
  • Mounts thru-the-table, with no wires visible; needs approx 5/8" hole for mounting
  • Will operate on AC or DC current. Best operation at 8-12 volts.
  • Approximate footprint: 8-1/2” x 3/8”

Wheeler's Auto Dealers Features:

The best deals in town are found at Wheeler's Auto Dealers.  Perfect for the city or small town suburban settings, this kit has a showroom with large windows, perfect for displaying vehicles. The back door can be opened or closed. It fits easily in steam- or diesel-era settings. This structure makes a great showcase for your collection of large scale vehicles!

  • Includes office wall and colorful decal signs
  • All parts are molded in color so no painting is needed
  • Snap together walls can easily be taken apart and stored when not in use
  • Glue (not included) may be needed for smaller details and windows
  • Dimensions:  10 1/16" x 8 15/16", 6 1/2" tall

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Item# Road Name MSRP
May 2018
O Hillside Structure Building Kits
6916 O Steel Water Kit $39.95
6917 O Wheeler's Auto Dealers Kit $59.95
6948 O Scale Operating Crossing Gate (Black and White) $59.95
6949 O Scale Operating Crossing Gate (Red and White) $59.95