Atlas HO Ford F-350 Pickup Truck

The New Atlas HO Super Duty F Series pickup trucks reflect the design styling and options available in the second generation (2008-2010) of these popular trucks. Along with the variety of configuration options available in the prior generation F-250 and F-350, Ford introduced the F-450 with a regular production pickup bed for the first time as a base crew cab with dual rear wheels powered by a Power Stroke 350 HP V8 diesel engine. These three classes of pickups were offered in several trim levels and were found in all types of service from basic family transport to contractor work trucks and police and fire duty.

This run of the Super Duty trucks illustrates some of the variety of uses of the basic F-350 Single Rear Wheel Crew Cab options, including open beds, camper caps and utility caps along with Police and Fire department designs.


  • Officially Licensed
  • Prototypical Trim Packages (XL, XLT, 4x4)
  • Accurate design and detailing
  • Optional lightbars, caps, etc.

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Item# Description MSRP
June 2023
HO Ford F-350 Pickup Truck
35 000 000 White $29.95
35 000 001 White with Utility Cap $29.95
35 000 002 Safety Yellow $29.95
35 000 003 Safety Yellow with Utility Cap $29.95
35 000 004 Safety Orange $29.95
35 000 005 Safety Orange with Utility Cap $29.95
35 000 006 Black $29.95
35 000 007 Black with Cap $29.95
35 000 008 Black and White Police $32.95
35 000 009 Black "Stealth" Police with Cap $32.95
35 000 010 Red Fire with Z-Stripe and Cap $32.95
35 000 011 Yellow Fire Chief Command Unit $32.95