Atlas HO Mobile Office Container

To fulfill the need for portable, on demand office space at construction sites, railroad yards and many other places, companies began offering purpose-built and/or converted shipping containers for rent. These containers were fitted with office interiors, entrance/exit doors, lighting as well as air conditioning and other creature comforts. They are very versatile and are seen virtually everywhere. This new Atlas model replicates a typical 40-foot version of the purpose-built office container.


  • Accurate Doorway, Window and Light Fixture detail
  • Separately applied parts include air conditioner units and electrical equipment
  • Crisp Painting and Decoration

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Item# Road Name
January 2023
MSRP: $29.95
HO Mobile Office Container
70 000 229 Aries (Gray/Maroon)
70 000 230 Mobile Mini (Tan/Blue)
70 000 231 Triumph (Two Tone Gray)
70 000 232 Wilmot (White/Blue)