Atlas O Premier ES44AC/DC Locomotive

With a wave of consolidation behind it, North American railroading is once again a good business to be in. Freight traffic is booming. Locomotive orders are coming in at a record pace from the Big Six roads that dominate rail transportation on the continent: Union Pacific, BNSF, CSX, Norfolk Southern, Canadian National, and Canadian Pacific. And the two remaining diesel builders are locked in a battle to become the locomotive supplier for the 21st century. Caterpillar®-owned EMD, no longer a divison of General Motors, is represented by the AC-traction-motored SD70ACe and its DC-traction sibling, the SD70M-2. General Electric’s standard bearers are the EVOs, the Evolution Series ES44AC and ES44DC.

At the heart of the Evolution Series is a brand new prime mover, the four-cycle, 12-cylinder GEVO-12. While producing the same 4400 horsepower as its 16-cylinder FDL-series predecessor, the GEVO-12 uses less fuel and spits out 40% fewer emissions. GE claims the EVOs are “the most fuelefficient, most environmentally friendly diesel locomotives in history.” Everything about these locomotives has been examined, questioned, and re-thought, generating 25 new U.S. patents in the process. And every Big Six railroad has ponied up to buy them, with the BNSF currently rostering the largest EVO fleet.

Like all Premier locomotives, the ES44AC offers O scale’s finest combination of detail, realism, and performance. Listen to the chant of an authentic GEVO-12 motor, and throttle down as low as three scale miles per hour so you can admire the details as the Evolution Series glides by: see-through fans and grilles, walkways with safety tread, and a host of other separately applied metal details.

Did You Know? Fully loaded, an Evolution Series diesel carries 5000 gallons of diesel fuel, 450 gallons of lube oil, and 400 gallons of cooling water.

Features Include:

  • Intricately Detailed Durable ABS Body

  • Die-Cast Truck Sides, Pilots and Fuel Tank
  • Metal Chassis
  • Metal Handrails and Horn
  • Moveable Roof Fans
  • Metal Body Side Grilles
  • Detachable Snow Plow
  • (2) Handpainted Engineer Cab Figures
  • Authentic Paint Scheme
  • Metal Wheels, Axles and Gears
  • (2) Remote Controlled Proto-Couplers
  • O Scale Kadee-Compatible Coupler Mounting Pads
  • Prototypical Rule 17 Lighting
  • Directionally Controlled Constant voltage LED Headlights
  • Lighted LED Cab Interior Light
  • Illuminated LED Number Boards
  • Operating LED Ditch Lights
  • (2) Precision Flywheel-Equipped Motors
  • Operating ProtoSmoke Diesel Exhaust
  • Onboard DCC/DCS Decoder
  • Locomotive Speed Control In Scale MPH Increments
  • Proto-Scale 3-2 3-Rail/2-Rail Conversion Capable
  • 1:48 Scale Proportions
  • Proto-Sound 3.0 With The Digital Command System Featuring Freight Yard Proto-Effects
  • Unit Measures: 19 1/2” x 2 1/2” x 4”
  • Operates On O-42 Curves

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3-Rail Item# Road Name 2-Rail Item#
Fall 2022
MSRP 3-rail: $679.95 MSRP 2-rail: $679.95
ES44AC Locomotive - New Model!
30138177 BNSF (H2 Pumpkin w/Swoosh)5738 (Orange/Yellow/Black) 30138189
30138178 Canadian Pacific (Every Child Matters) 8757 (Orange/Black) 30138190
30138179 Canadian Pacific (Hapag-Lloyd) 8781 (Orange/Black) 30138191
30138180 Canadian National (100th Anniversary) 3880 (Black/White/Red) 30138192
30138181 Canadian National (100th Anniversary) 3883 (Black/White/Red) 30138193
30138182 Kansas City Southern (Safety Starts Here) 4859 (Silver/Red/White/Black) 30138194
30138183 Union Pacific (New 2022 Scheme) 5395 (Yellow/Red/Gray) 30138195
30138184 Union Pacific (Flagless) 5293 (Yellow/Red/Gray) 30138196
30138185 BNSF (H2 Pumpkin) 5719 (Orange/Yellow/Black) 30138197
30138186 BNSF (H2 Pumpkin) 5742 (Orange/Yellow/Black) 30138198
ES44DC Locomotive - New Model!
30138187 CSX* (Western Maryland Emblem) 5327 (Blue/Yellow) 30138199
30138188 CSX* (Spirit of Cincinnati) 5500 (Blue/Yellow) 30138200
*CSX Licensed Product