O 40' High-Cube Containers

A perfect fit for all Atlas O well cars. This Atlas O 40-foot high-cube container model represents the most common type of international shipping container in use today. Specifically, this model represents a (ISO Type Code 45G1) 40-foot high-cube container found in almost all of today’s shipping and leasing fleets. Made from durable corrosion resistant Corten Steel and a strong corrugated design these containers can last up to 20 years in international service. The Type 45G1 became more prevalent in the 2000’s and surpassed 40-foot standard height containers in popularity in the 2010’s.
*ISO is the International Organization for Standardization.


  • Compatible with all Atlas O well cars and existing 40’ container models.
  • Detailed door rods, landing pads and corner post
  • ISO Type 45G1

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Item# Road Name
April 2022

MSRP: $26.95 Assortment MSRP: $215.60

40' High-Cube Containers
3001141 CMA CGM (Blue/White)
3001142 Global (Brown/Green)
3001143 Hapag Lloyd (Orange/Blue)
3001144 ZIM (Z Factor) (Brown/White)
3001145 HMM (Brown/White)
3001146 Turkon (Red/White/Blue)
3001147 ONE (Pink/White)
3001148 Seaboard Marine (Blue/White)
40' High-Cube Container Assortments
3001183 Assortment #1 (8-pack with different road numbers) CMA CGA, Global, Hapag Lloyd, ZIM (Z Factor)
3001184 Assortment #2 (8-pack with different road numbers) HMM, Turkon, ONE, Seaboard Marine